A New Signature Scheme Based on Multiple Hard Number Theoretic Problems

E. S. Ismail, N. M. F. Tahat
2011 ISRN Communications and Networking  
The past years have seen many attempts to construct digital signature schemes based on a single hard problem, like factoring or discrete logarithm. But in the near future, those systems will no longer be secure if the solution of factoring or discrete logarithms problems is discovered. In this paper, we propose a new signature scheme based on two hard number theoretic problems, factoring and discrete logarithms. The major advantage of our scheme is that it is very unlikely that factoring and
more » ... at factoring and discrete logarithms can be efficiently solved simultaneously, and; therefore, the security of our scheme is longer or higher than that of any scheme based on a single hard number theoretic problem. We also show that the performance of the scheme requires only minimal operation both in signing and verifying logarithms and is resistant to attack.
doi:10.5402/2011/231649 fatcat:lnemkddo6fhjzbu2vodcw5lef4