The Attractiveness of National Dual Training System (NDTS) Graduates

Norhayati Yahaya, Mohamad Sattar Rasul, Ruhizan Mohamad Yasin
2017 International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences  
In line with the government's policy to improve and streamline skills training in the country, the government took the initiative to upgrade and develop the teaching and learning methods of the skills training system. One of the efforts is the implementation of National Dual Training System (NDTS), which provides special trainings to produce advanced skilled workers that meet the requirements of the industry. This study investigates the attractiveness of NDTS graduates based on the aspect of
more » ... on the aspect of attractiveness in the industry to help the management and accredited centres identify the needs of employers. The objective of the study is to assess the attractiveness factor of NDTS graduates based on their productivity, the number of hired graduates at a company, salary offered, and the duration in securing employment after they graduate. The study focused on the employers and employees in three main sectors-Government-Linked Companies (GLCs), Multi-National Corporation (MNC) and Small Medium Enterprise (SMEs). The study is a descriptive survey study, which also applied the quantitative method. The instrument utilized was a set of questionnaire, which was analysed using the IBM SPSS Statistics version 22. The perspective of employers and NDTS-graduate employees was also evaluated to determine their scale of recognition on productivity, work quality and program implementation, and also the SLDN graduates themselves. The overall findings substantiate that employers and employees had a positive perception towards the marketability of NDTS graduates in the industry. This shows that employers, especially those from the SMEs were supportive of the implementation of the programme to produce competent and competitive workers for the industry.
doi:10.6007/ijarbss/v7-i6/3028 fatcat:j7icx7k5cvefhgwbzdxxmm4fi4