Dynamic functional testing for VLSI circuits

P.M. Maurer
1990 IEEE Design & Test of Computers  
Dynamic testing is the process of creating test-vectors during simulation and using the output of the simulator to guide the vector generation process. The two main problems of dynamic testing are the design of a high-level vector-generation language, and the design of the interface between the vector-generator and the simulator. Solutions to these two problems are presented. The paper discusses guidelines for designing a high-level vector generation language, and presents several examples
more » ... en in the FHDL driver language which was designed according to these guidelines. The examples illustrate how dynamic testing can be used to simplify the verification of circuits at the functional level. The paper presents a solution to the interface problem which is designed around a special interface data structure. This data structure supports several different styles of vector generators and also supports the interactive debugging of circuits. The interface data structure also supports the independent simulation of subcircuit instances and the dynamic creation and simulation of new circuit instances.
doi:10.1109/54.64956 fatcat:sr5ooda3mrb2lpkuz5nvspsveq