〈Research Paper〉The Effect and the Method of Applying Pigments in Works Using Metal Leaf by Ogura Yuki

The purpose of this paper, it is to show and the method of applying pigments and the effects obtained by applying pigments to metal leaf in works using metal leaf by Ogura Yuki. I am fascinated by the color and brilliance created by the overlapping of metal leaf, Gofun and pale paint, and incorporates them into my Japanese style painting. Ogura Yuki (1895Yuki ( -2000) ) continued to use metal leaf focusing on the postwar period. Yuki's words and reviews, Yuki was one of the Japanese style
more » ... rs who applied pigments, considering the color and brightness of the metal leaf on the screen. I thought that it could be reduced to my own expression that uses a lot of Gofun by studying the methods and effects in Yuki's work, focusing on the exhibition works that have many words of Yuki, including "Maiko" (1969), which uses white Gofun and platinum leaf to express the margin. Until 1965, Yuki applied pigments uniformly or irregularly to express moonlight and background and a base for depiction. Since 1966, Yuki used a method to apply pigments thinly and carefully or to remove the pigments with water on metal leaf. In "Maiko",Yuki exposed platinum leaf by removing Gohun on the top left of the screen after applying Gohun on the platinum leaf ground. Through Yuki's words, it turned out that the intention is to express "dark area"on platinum leaf ground by expressed as a " gray tone", the silver color of the platinum leaf. "Silver" has been linked to the expression of white shining light including the moon and moonlight, it was suggested that Yuki used a technique to show the silver color of platinum leaf as "darkness" in the screen by contrasting with the whiteness of Gofun.
doi:10.15068/00159511 fatcat:awgqvipvb5a5td4vpvuzjkzphq