Twist-Bend Nematic Phase: Role of Third-Order Legendre Polynomial Term in Chiral Interaction Potential

Shubham Mishra, Dhananjay Kumar Gaur, Shri Singh
2020 Brazilian journal of physics  
Using a mean-field theory, a twist-bend nematic (N TB ) phase has been described. In addition to second-order Legendre polynomial term, the chiral interaction potential includes third-order Legendre polynomial term also. It considers the coupling between a nematic director and a pitch axis of the N TB phase. The distortion free energy, order parameter for twist-bend nematic, and orientational distribution function in equilibrium state have been calculated. Based on the free energy minimization,
more » ... nergy minimization, we obtain that the inclusion of third-order Legendre polynomial term in interaction energy makes N TB phase more stable.
doi:10.1007/s13538-020-00787-2 fatcat:qj6ysvu2avb2njw6dtnvbhd3xi