Exteriorization of genital system of Awassi ewes with laparotomy in standing position

A Majeed, Q Aboud, A Mohammed, A Abood
2018 Al-Anbar Journal of Veterinary Sciences  
The study were undertaken on 16 Iraqi Awassi ewes, presented in the farm of college of veterinary medicine, Al- Fallujah University/ Fallujah, during the end of February to the half of the march, 2018. The age of the animals ranged between 2 to 4 years. All the ewes were examined by ultrasonography by specialist in order to be sure that the animals not pregnant with B- mode system. All the animals has been synchronized with vaginal sponges impregnated in 40 mg flurogestone acetate (intervet,
more » ... etate (intervet, B.V. Boxemeer, Holland). The animals were put in a standing position clipping and shaving of the left flank area then the site washed with antiseptic and disinfected with tincture iodine. The animals anesthetized locally using 2% xylocaine hydrochloride using 10 ml subcutaneously and intra muscular. left flank sharp dissection about 10-12 cm were made through the skin, muscle and peritoneum. Exteriorization of the uterus and ovaries were done to detect the pregnancy through a symmetry of uterine horns and the enlargement of pregnant horn or to detect the numbers of follicles and corpora lutea after that the peritoneum and the muscles were sutured with catgut no.1 with lock stich pattern. The skin was sutured with silk no.1 using horizontal mattress interrupted pattern. Systemic long acting tetracycline were applied I.M (200 mg/ ml: 100mg/kg B.W) for one day and another for 3 injection. Local antibiotic spray was applied to treat the surgical wounds for 7 days. The suture materials of the skin were removed after 7 days of the operation. The animals were examined daily for general health condition (temperature, heart rate, pulse rate, appetite). The wound also examined for presence of swelling, hematoma, pus or infection or hernia Positive results were considered when the animal in a good general health condition and the wound showed normal healing without presence of swelling, hematoma, pus or infection or hernia. This technique is simple, easily done, save time and cost as well as reduce the surgical trauma with few suture materials. The study was the first of its kind all over the world in exteriorization of genital organs in standing position in ewes.
doi:10.37940/ajvs.2018.11.2.3 fatcat:kkqe4zvrr5ewxbnbi2hl6as4bm