Influence of post-harvest application of chitosan on physico-chemical changes of apple fruit during storage

Sidra Zeb
2020 Pure and Applied Biology  
Apple due to its climacteric nature lose its quality very rapidly. Chitosan being a non-toxic biodegradable material can be used as coating material for fruits. It would be environmental friendly as compared to other chemicals. Therefore, this experiment was conducted to evaluate the optimum chitosan concentration for retaining the quality of apple fruits for longer time. The fruits were coated with three chitosan concentrations (0.5, 1.0 and 1.5%) along with a set of fruits treated with
more » ... treated with distilled water as control. The fruits when dried were kept in the laboratory at room temperature (18±2ºC) for 80 days, to study the effect of chitosan concentrations against physiological attributes after every 20 days interval. Both chitosan and storage had significantly influenced all the quality attributes of apples. Fruits coated with 1.5% chitosan were more firm and had maximum juice content, titratable acidity and ascorbic acid with less weight loss, fruit juice pH, total soluble solids (TSS) and TSS-Acid ratio and these results were at par with the effect of 1.0% chitosan on the fruits. Regarding storage effect, the fruits analyzed after 80 days showed maximum losses in weight, firmness, percent acidity and Ascorbic acids while pH, TSS and TSS-Acid ratio were found maximum. The interactive effect between chitosan and storage was found non-significant for all the studied attributes. It was concluded from the experiment that apple fruits Cv. Lady William coated with 1.0% chitosan after harvesting maintains the quality attributes up to 80 days during storage at 18±2 ºC and 56±2% RH.
doi:10.19045/bspab.2020.90271 fatcat:vg4gyhf3xbbmtl6ubhpqyewkhi