Influência de diferentes anestésicos locais no bloqueio neuromuscular produzido pelo atracúrio em ratos

João Paulo Soares da Silva Trizotti, Angélica de Fátima de Assunção Braga, Vanessa Henriques Carvalho, Franklin Sarmento da Silva Braga
2020 Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia  
The association between Local Anesthetics (LAs) and Neuromuscular Blocking (NMB) drugs in clinical practice, and the possibility of interaction between these drugs has been investigated. LAs act on neuromuscular transmission in a dose-dependent manner and may potentiate the effects of NMB drugs. The aim of this study was to evaluate, in an experimental model, the effect of lidocaine and racemic bupivacaine on neuromuscular transmission and the influence on neuromuscular blockade produced by
more » ... ade produced by atracurium. Male Wistar rats, weighing from 250 g to 300g were used. The preparation was set up based on a technique proposed by Bülbring. Groups were formed (n = 5) according to the drug studied: lidocaine 20 μg.mL-1 (Group I); racemic bupivacaine 5 μg.mL-1 (Group II); atracurium 20 μg.mL-1 (Group III); atracurium 20 μg.mL-1 in a preparation previously exposed to lidocaine 20 μg.mL-1 and racemic bupivacaine 5 μg.mL-1, Groups IV and V, respectively. The following parameters were assessed: 1) Amplitude of hemi diaphragmatic response to indirect stimulation before and 60 minutes after addition of the drugs; 2) Membrane Potentials (MP) and Miniature Endplate Potentials (MEPPs). Lidocaine and racemic bupivacaine alone did not alter the amplitude of muscle response. With previous use of lidocaine and racemic bupivacaine, the neuromuscular blockade (%) induced by atracurium was 86.66 ± 12.48 and 100, respectively, with a significant difference (p = 0.003), in comparison to the blockade produced by atracurium alone (55.7 ± 11.22). These drugs did not alter membrane potential. Lidocaine initially increased the frequency of MEPPs, followed by blockade. With the use of bupivacaine, the blockade was progressive. Lidocaine and racemic bupivacaine had a presynaptic effect expressed by alterations in MEPPs, which may explain the interaction and potentiation of NMB produced by atracurium.
doi:10.1016/j.bjan.2020.01.004 pmid:32522376 fatcat:u7yecatwrfbqtfojpa364nvcde