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1890 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
EXTREMITIES, WITH RECOVERY. sicrvjck ok j. o. misil, M.D., st. joiin's hospital, i.owell, mass., AND UKl'OKTEII 1IY JOB V. MUIOS, M.D., LOWELL. Charles L., a Frenchman, aged twenty-eight years, of good habits, subject to epileptic seizures, and employed by the Boston and Maine System as a switchman. While in pursuit of his vocation on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 17, 1890, he was seized with an epileptic convulsion, fell upon the track, and was run over by several loaded freight-cars.
more » ... aded freight-cars. After a needless delay of half an hour he was taken to St. John's Hospital, arriving there at about four o'clock. On examination he was found to have sustained a crushing of right foot and a compound comminuted fracture of tibia and fibula in middle third, so that lower and middle thirds were hanging to upper third by few shreds of muscular tissue. The left foot, leg and lower third of thigh were terribly crushed, bones and muscles ground together into an almost shapeless mass. Shock was but hardly appreciable, and haemorrhage but slight. It was decided to amputate aud amputate at once. Patient was immediately anaesthetized, ether being used, and during etherization Esmarch's bandages wore applied to both members and the flat tapes secured above the bandages.
doi:10.1056/nejm189012251232607 fatcat:txg55oyivfhohpntwx3a72u3ry