Mandibular tori interfering with the mobility of the lingual frenulum: a short case report

Théo Casenave, Natacha Raynaud, Marjorie Muret, Jacques-Henri Torres
2020 Journal of Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery  
Tori are benign hamartoma-like bone excrescences, usually asymptomatic. Their removal should not be systematic. Observation: A 62-year-old patient showed bilateral tori only leaving a 1.5 mm space for the lingual frenulum path between them. The direct functional consequence was a frequent blockage of the salivary caruncles below the tori. Tori resection was performed under local anaesthesia. Surgical outcome was simple with conventional analgesic treatment and oral care. Comfort and function
more » ... ort and function were immediately restored. Discussion: The originality of this case does not lie in the nature of the lesions but in the uncommon size of their hypertrophy, which caused a lingual functional impairment. We have not found a similar case described in the literature.
doi:10.1051/mbcb/2020043 fatcat:yjjdi3zfjrbyzgcnmz72zq22hm