Analysis of the Amount of Damage Per unit Precipitation and the Characteristics of Precipitation during the Heavy Rainfall Disaster
호우 재해기간의 강수특성 및 단위 강수량 당 피해규모 경향성 분석

Jong-Hyeok Jeong, Hyun-Uk Kim, Jae-Kwan Shim, Byung-Chul Choi
2017 Journal of Climate Research  
The disaster caused by the heavy rain results in the greatest damage Among the damages caused by the weather disaster. many previous researches actively analyzed heavy rainfall disasters. The work includes analyzing vulnerability of disaster using characteristics and size of disaster damage in local area, selecting influencing factors influencing disaster and analyzing its influence. Rainfall during the heavy rainfall disaster is concerned with regional vulnerability to rainfall. The
more » ... all. The disaster-induced rainfall averaged on scale was analyzed by classifying disaster damage scale. The damage per precipitation unit is assumed to be disaster vulnerability, and local vulnerability of disasters is analyzed and the tendency of disaster vulnerability is analyzed using a time series analysis. The total amount of rainfall during the disaster period was analyzed in a large amount of rainfall in the Seoul metropolitan area and Busan city. The analysis shows that The average rainfall per accident case is high, and the region with relatively high stability against heavy rainfall disaster is Seoul metropolitan city. Southwest regions of the Korean Peninsula are analyzed to be affected by a very small amount of precipitation. The damage analysis shows that Busan Metropolitan City and the metropolitan area are relatively safe area against disaster. The analysis of disaster vulnerability based on the precipitation during the heavy rainfall disaster provides a clear classification of vulnerability by region.
doi:10.14383/cri.2017.12.1.73 fatcat:yty5s3sicng2xegtwskmrwdsre