Author response: RNA binding to human METTL3-METTL14 restricts N6-deoxyadenosine methylation of DNA in vitro [peer_review]

Shan Qi, Javier Mota, Siu-Hong Chan, Johanna Villarreal, Nan Dai, Shailee Arya, Robert A Hromas, Manjeet K Rao, Ivan R Corrêa Jr, Yogesh K Gupta
2022 unpublished
Methyltransferase like-3 (METTL3) and METTL14 complex transfers a methyl group from S-adenosyl-L-methionine to N 6 amino group of adenosine bases in RNA (m 6 A) and DNA (m 6 dA). Emerging evidence highlights a role of METTL3-METTL14 in the chromatin context, especially in processes where DNA and RNA are held in close proximity. However, a mechanistic framework about specificity for substrate RNA/DNA and their interrelationship remain unclear. By systematically studying methylation activity and
more » ... inding affinity to a number of DNA and RNA oligos with different propensities to form inter-or intra-molecular duplexes or single-stranded molecules in vitro, we uncover an inverse relationship for substrate binding and methylation and show that METTL3-METTL14 preferentially catalyzes the formation of m 6 dA in single-stranded DNA (ssDNA), despite weaker binding affinity to DNA. In contrast, it binds structured RNAs with high affinity, but methylates the target adenosine in RNA (m 6 A) much less efficiently than it does in ssDNA. We also show that METTL3-METTL14-mediated methylation of DNA is largely restricted by structured RNA elements prevalent in long noncoding and other cellular RNAs.
doi:10.7554/elife.67150.sa2 fatcat:ed76ypsz2bhxba43zlpqpob6wy