D. W. Coquillett
1902 Canadian Entomologist  
Culex atropalpus, new species.♀. Black the halteres, apices of coxæ, and bases and under side of femora, except toward the apex, yellowish white; scales of palpi black, occiput covered with board, appressed whitish scales and with a patch of black ones near the middle of each side, the middle of the upper side covered with narrow yellowish scales, the upright forked scales yellow; scales of mesonotum golden yellow and with an median vitta of black ones; scales of abdomen purplish black, and
more » ... lish black, and with a narrow fascia of whitish ones at the bases of the segments, becoming much broader on the venter; scales of legs black, those at base and on under side of femora, except toward the apex, also to extreme apices of femora, both ends of tibiæ and of the tarsal joints, except the last two and apex of the third on the front and middle tarsi, white those on last joint of hind tarsi wholly white; claws of front and middle tarsi toothed, those of the hind ones simple; wings hyaline, lateral scales of the veins long and narrow, first submarginal cell slightly over twice as long as its petiole.
doi:10.4039/ent34292-11 fatcat:dmmwdw4czvh3zfszhqwvhvbgzm