The Un (Objective) Civilian Control Model

Tarini Nath
2018 Arts and Social Scienses Journal  
There is a constant debate around whether or not the military should be allowed to rule a country with complete autonomy or not. Samuel Huntington came up with the concept of the objective civilian control as per which the civilian aided the military in order to professionalize them to the maximum extent possible. However, at the same time, the military was given complete autonomy to take whatever actions they deemed best. In contrast, there was the subjective civilian control wherein the
more » ... l wherein the military was a tool of the civilian and did exactly as they were asked to do. This paper discusses Pakistan's example of governance to explain why Samuel Huntington's argument that the model of objective civilian control is the best is not very convincing. It also highlights why this model of civilian control can never exist in reality due to the many inherent flaws of the model. This can be supported by history as well-the objective civilian control model has never completely existed in any country. This paper discusses the example of Pakistan as it is one of the few countries where the governance portrayed certain characteristics of this model.
doi:10.4172/2151-6200.1000398 fatcat:pdenouldfraofbgntzrp7e6slq