Achnanthes Bory Sensu Stricto (Bacillariophyta) from Terrestrial Habitats of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), with Description of Achnanthes pseudoinflata sp. nov

Mateusz Rybak, Łukasz Peszek, Łukasz Skoczylas, Teresa Noga, Luc Ector, Carlos E. Wetzel
2020 Diversity  
The aim of the present work was to present the ecological and morphological characteristics of species from the genus Achnanthes Bory sensu stricto, which develops in terrestrial mosses near the Rio de Janeiro Botanic Garden, Brazil. A literature comparison was made with other similar species, including the LM and SEM analysis of original material bearing Achnanthes inflata (Kützing) Grunow housed at the Grunow Collection in Vienna, and data from the available literature. Samples were collected
more » ... ples were collected from clumps of moss growing on tree trunks, and from a concrete wall within the botanic garden. Four taxa from the genus Achnanthes were recorded: A. coarctata, A. inflata var. gibba, A. mauiensis and Achnanthes pseudoinflata sp. nov. The main morphological differences between these taxa were cell dimensions (length and width), striae and areolae density. The most common diatom species found in these samples were Humidophila sp. (90%), Humidophila contenta (74.8%), Luticola moreirae (17.9%), and Achnanthes pseudoinflata sp. nov. (7.4%).
doi:10.3390/d12100375 fatcat:o4a662dvqna6fo2dgtehcedbkq