Reduction of Nitroarenes to Azoxybenzenes by Potassium Borohydride in Water

Yufang Liu, Bo Liu, Ailing Guo, Zhenming Dong, Shuo Jin, Yun Lu
2011 Molecules  
The synthesis of the azoxybenzenes by the reduction of nitroarenes with reducing agent potassium borohydride in water was reported for the first time. PEG-400 was used as a phase transfer catalyst and could effectively catalyze the reduction. The electronic effects of substituent groups play an important role in determining the reduction efficiencies. Electron-withdrawing substituents promote the formation of the azoxybenzene products, while electron-releasing groups retard the reductions to
more » ... he reductions to various degrees depending on the extent of their electron-donating ability.
doi:10.3390/molecules16053563 pmid:21527883 fatcat:c2jmjnpjubftxpui3zflmxt3lm