Classifying relevant video tutorials for the school's learning management system using support vector machine algorithm [post]

Castro Mayleen Dorcas Bondoc, Tumibay Gilbert Malawit
2020 unpublished
Today many schools, universities and institutions recognize the necessity and importance of using Learning Management Systems (LMS) as part of their educational services. This research work has applied LMS in the teaching and learning process of Bulacan State University (BulSU) Graduate School (GS) Program that enhances the face-to-face instruction with online components. The researchers uses an LMS that provides educators a platform that can motivate and engage students to new educational
more » ... ew educational environment through manage online classes. The LMS allows educators to distribute information, manage learning materials, assignments, quizzes, and communications. Aside from the basic functions of the LMS, the researchers uses Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms applying Support Vector Machine (SVM) that will classify and identify the best related videos per topic. SVM is a supervised machine learning algorithm that analyzes data for classification and regression analysis by Maity [1]. The results of this study showed that integration of video tutorials in LMS can significantly contribute knowledge and skills in the learning process of the students.
doi:10.31219/ fatcat:3uagvvigyzesfpajjqzacgjm7i