Differences in Baseline Characteristics of Patients Treated with Olanzapine or Other Antipsychotics in Japanese Patients with Acute Schizophrenia: A 1-Year Observational Study under Routine Clinical Practice in Japan

Michihiro Takahashi, Shinji Fujikoshi, Jumpei Funai, Levent Alev, Masaomi Iyo
2015 Open Journal of Psychiatry  
Objective: Baseline characteristics of acute schizophrenia patients were analyzed to identify differences in the baseline characteristics of patients treated with olanzapine monotherapy compared with those treated with other antipsychotic monotherapies. Methods: This prospective, naturalistic observational study was designed to evaluate discontinuation rates of olanzapine and non-olanzapine antipsychotic monotherapy in Japanese adult patients with acute schizophrenia. Results: A total of 1089
more » ... : A total of 1089 patients were assessed: 578 patients were treated with olanzapine, 487 with non-olanzapine atypical antipsychotics, and 24 with typical antipsychotics. The mean Clinical Global Impression-Severity (CGI-S) Schizophrenia, Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS) total, and BPRS positive scores were higher in patients treated with olanzapine compared with most of the non-olanzapine treated patients. The majority of patients with a CGI-S Schizophrenia score of 7 (29/41 patients) as well as patients with a BPRS total score of 90 or higher (14/18 patients) were treated with olanzapine. On the other hand, physicians tended to prescribe antipsychotics other than olanzapine for patients with heavier body weight or diabetes mellitus. Conclusion: The * Corresponding author. M. Takahashi et al. 302 present study demonstrated that olanzapine was more likely to be prescribed to patients with more severe schizophrenia symptoms. However, further studies are warranted to reach a definite conclusion.
doi:10.4236/ojpsych.2015.53034 fatcat:lux2li3a4ze6xj4q7p7wucs5qu