1917 Journal of the American Medical Association  
two fait, rcduce 1 • at other hands. Each of the three was of gjj^t h no real difficulty although the separation The u]rS10ns considerably prolonged the operation. in nt-;, 1niate result was just as good as that obtained lJr'mary cases. RESULTS We h t\v0 r-' .1ave operated on forty-two testicles, twenty-;ige 0r^, ' nineteen left, nine bilateral. The average est 33 !LPatient was 19, the youngest was 5, the oldof j ' "ve of the patients were between the ages one or!^y ears ; all had excellent
more » ... l had excellent results excepting the ti merated 0n in 1907-He was 9 years of age at the ii,lle-°^°P eration, and both of his testicles were in iiiicl s^)llllal canal. They were placed in the scrotum retra j ; UrÇd to the thigh, but they broke away and kter tl 1-lto tne inguinal canal again. Eight years neart]1e "Sht one could not be felt, the left one lay of 0 le e.xternal ring and was, by our present method good ratlll£' readily placed in the scrotum, giving a although many of them hancj ler in the upper part of this sac. On the other the Sc v°f the testicles operated on are lower in \Veri°tum than their unoperated fellows. beeil kl a,Ve three times operated on testicles that have Were c°P crated on before. All three operations Bef plete successes. ahd0rn°re operation three of the testicles lay in the at 0r ,"' thirteen in the inguinal canal, twenty-three aU h«* out the external rins;. Hernia was noted in ¿Jí^ght cases. \'eins ng the operation the pampiniform plexus of otie hilf18 Cut to re(h'ce aH oí the abdominal testicles, at tlle°^t he inguinal ones, and 30 per cent, of those tioris iexternal inguinal ring. Most of these operafected l0wever, were performed before we had per-We hav°Ur present technic. With the present technic that h e f.once had to cut the vessels of any testicle our '*pitside the abdominal cavity. Including even good rr i St cases> however, we claim 88 per cent. tye esu'ts, and no mortality. ' tttniber^r6 "tt:'e to^about ultimate results. A and wp our cases have been followed several years, is jn ar^f ully satisfied that a patient whose testicle from a Poslt'on a month after operation is safe eanai \\; rctraction of that organ into the inguinal spermat 'lave no observations of any value on the tion. vPScnctic function in bilateral cases after operaeither 5n? 0l.the testicles operated on by us showed, evide"' f tmie of operation or subsequently, any Le of neoplasm. rjR ABSTRACT OF DISCUSSION • ',at movfN^"^A WK'NS> Pittsburgh: There is no question !n8 neph " v pictures such as Dr. Keyes has shown illustrat-lnestimabi°o my anc' suprapubic cryptorchidism are of w°rkecl oi^V a'ue a"d will be of more value as they are Months ag Pittsburgh, Dr. C. L. Bradford about nine !l UP for th Startec' to take some of these pictures, and kept "kritpt nC\°r *our mcintbs-f have an idea that he became a's°r athe/vT to I"'1-The expense is very great. It is "Ue'ise heit°n tlle operator. The lamps used create an father ;» • which « all right for cold weather, but in hot lt ,s awful.
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