Comparative Study on Electromagnetic and Electrome-chanical Transient Model for Grid-connected Photovoltaic Power System

Man Zhang, Hao Sun, Zhigang Chen, Xiaorong Xie, Qirong Jiang
2013 Energy and Power Engineering  
With the development of new energy technology, there are increasing applications of grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system. However, there is little research on development of electromechanical model of large scale photovoltaic power station. The computational speed will be very slow if electromagnetic transient model is used for stability study because of its complexity. Therefore, study on electromechanical transient model of grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system is
more » ... eneration system is of great meaning. In this paper, electromagnetic transient model of photovoltaic power generation system is introduced first, and then a general electromechanical transient model is proposed. These two kinds of simulation model are set up in PSCAD. By comparing the simulation results of two models, the correctness and validity of the electromechanical transient model is verified. It provides reference model for efficient simulation and modeling of grid-connected photovoltaic power station in large-scale power systems. EPE 248 The Electromagnetic Transient Model Grid-connected photovoltaic system includes photovoltaic array, DC/DC, inverter, controller and MPPT control, as shown in Figure 1 . The photovoltaic array changes solar energy to DC electricity, which is connected to the power grid through DC/DC and inverter. According to Figure 1 , we can establish electromagnetic transient model of photovoltaic system, which is introduced in the following text.
doi:10.4236/epe.2013.54b048 fatcat:aegvwg3qvzaytd7cts3daxkajm