Factors Affecting Runoff Retention Performance of Extensive Green Roofs

Yongwei Gong, Dingkun Yin, Xing Fang, Junqi Li
2018 Water  
The runoff retention effectiveness of 10 extensive green roof (EGR) modules (100 mm substrate planted Sedum lineare Thunb.) were analyzed in Beijing for 22 rainfall events (2.4–46.4 mm) from 1 July to 30 September 2017. Differences between minimum inter-event dry periods, module scales, substrate hydraulic conductivity and depths, drainage layer types and rainfall characteristics were examined to study their correlation to the retention performance of EGRs. In general, EGRs with lower substrate
more » ... ith lower substrate hydraulic conductivity, deeper substrate and lower rainfall depth had higher runoff retention performance. By comparsion, no siginificant correlation was found between rainfall duration, prior dry period, average rainfall intensity, drainage layer type and EGR runoff retention rate. Analyses of variance (ANOVA) and Tukey tests supported these results. Low or moderate rainfall (<15 mm) may or may not have an effect, but heavy rainfall (>25 mm) definitely affects the EGR retention performance of the next rainfall event.
doi:10.3390/w10091217 fatcat:msl3t5tyhbg5pp3soq7fdh46fi