Serological methods for detection of the causative agent of tularemia and their evaluation

I. V. Zharnikova, V. I. Efremenko, T. V. Zharnikova, S. A. Kurcheva, S. M. Kalnoy, D. V. Еfremenko, A. A. Isakova, A. V. Indenbom
2019 Zhurnal mikrobiologii, epidemiologii, i immunobiologii  
Aim. A comparative study of serological methods for the detection of the causative agent of tularemia and their evaluation. Materials and methods. We used experimental diagnostic kits and test systems for the production of serological methods: indirect hemagglutination reaction (RGA); the reaction immunofluorescence (RIF); enzyme immunoassay (ELISA) using traditional microplate; IFA after selective concentration of the pathogen of tularemia in magnoimmunosorbents (MIS); microgravimetric
more » ... gravimetric analysis (MGA) based on piezoresistors (SP) and surface plasmon resonance (SPR). The experiments were carried out with homologous strains of tularemia microbe (test strains) and with strains of heterologous microorganisms in model experiments on tap water contaminated with different concentrations of the pathogen. Results. The parameters of each diagnostic method are determined and evaluated according to the following indicators: sensitivity (when working with pure cultures (test strains), contaminated samples of large volumes), specificity, time of setting and taking into account the results, informativeness, determining the modes of setting and accounting. Conclusion. The above diagnostic methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when choosing a method, the researcher should be guided by the goals pursued. So, for screening studies it is advisable to carry out the formulation of ELISA, RIF, RGA, in identifying the pathogen in large volumes and contaminated samples, the effective use of selective concentration on MIS followed by the formulation of ELISA, to identify small amounts of samples and take into account the reaction in real time, it is possible to use MGA and SPR.
doi:10.36233/0372-9311-2019-4-32-38 fatcat:6dlp7fdbrjhj5pjjho7g2jme7m