1916 Mind  
the more as it is more definitely particularised.] O. S. Hall. ' Thanatophobia and Immortality.' [Opens with a parallel between the psychologies of love and death (primitive fear of corpse ; tendenoy to decorate ; transfer from the dead person to accessories ; transfer from body to soul as from mate to child, eto.). Finds the generis of ghosts in man's experiences of air. Ghosts are feared as suggesting the oorpse, asevasive of sense, as unrestrained powers, as enforcers of justice. Immortality
more » ... ustice. Immortality is nominal (wish to be remembered), influential (wish to affect survivors), plasmal (wish for posterity), or orthodox (wish for oompensation in a future life). These four immortalities are variously interrelated, and their basal desires are oomplioaDed by motives from other sources : from scientific! spiritualism, from Platonio idealism, from the entification of soul, and (in an inverse sense) from scientific evolutionism.] Book Reviews. Book Note*. JOUBKAL OF PHILOSOPHY, PSYCHOLOGY JJTD Soiwcrrric METHODS, xii. r
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