Crystal structure of dichloro-bis(2-morpholinoethylamino)copper(II), Cu(C6H14N2O)2Cl2

Suoping Xu, Kui Cheng, Lei Shi
2009 Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - New Crystal Structures  
C 12 H 28 Cl 2 CuN 4 O 2 ,triclinic, P1 (no. 2), a =6.581 (1) Source of material Copper(II) dichloride (1 mmol, 0.171 g) ,2 -morpholinoethylamine (2 mmol, 0.258 g) were dissolved in ethanol and mixed together. The clear green solution gradually got celeste. It was stood still in air for one week. Large block crystals were precipitated. They were filtered and washed with ethanol and dried in air (yield 82 %). Experimental details Hatoms were positioned geometrically and constrained to ride on
more » ... ained to ride on their parent atoms at C-Hdistances of 0.93 Å,and with U iso (H) =1.2 U eq(C).
doi:10.1524/ncrs.2009.0116 fatcat:dfh7fpkaifab3ohjvbfnradx54