Morphology of an Infundibulum of the Oviduct of the Sexually Mature Hens

R.Y. Khokhlov
2008 International Journal of Morphology  
KHOKHLOV, R. Y. Morphology of an infundibulum of the oviduct of the sexually mature hens. Int. J. Morphol., 26(4):883-886, 2008. SUMMARY: Studied functional morphology of an infundibulum oviduct of the hens in an age interval 150-540 days. As indicators of development the following parameters served: length, weight, diameter of a infundibulum, sizes epithelial cells, height and width folds of a tunica mucosa, histological structure of a wall of a infundibulum. The results show dynamical
more » ... w dynamical increase of investigated parameters with 150-till 360-day's age, with their subsequent decrease to 540-day's age.
doi:10.4067/s0717-95022008000400016 fatcat:qwcfl2ahyffb7i5b5sa43xvxua