Variable Temperature and Concentration Impacts on Radiative Chemically Magnetohydrodynamic Viscoelastic Fluid Flow Through Porous Moving Plate

Karna Suneetha, Shaik Ibrahim, Gurram Reddy, Prathi Kumar
2020 Mathematical Modelling and Engineering Problems  
The flow has been made by considering variable temperature and radiation effects for the magnetohydrodynamic viscoelastic fluid past a moving vertical plate in a porous medium. Chemical reaction and concentration have been taken into account. The governed mathematical statement is handled analytically by perturbation technique. The main view of this research is to investigate the effects of parameters and numbers in the problem on fluid flow, thermal boundary and concentration profiles. The
more » ... n profiles. The velocity profile has been reduced by increasing the magnetic parameter due to the Lorentz force in the opposite direction of flow. Temperature profile is increased by rising thermal radiation and concentration distribution is decreased by enhancing the chemical reaction and Schmidt number. The Schmidt number represents the relative ease of the molecular momentum and mass transfer and it is very important in multiphase flows. The effect of increasing values of the Schmidt number is to reduce the momentum boundary layer and this leads to the thinning of the diffusion layer. Furthermore, at the end of this paper the effects of different parameters on skin friction coefficient and local Nusselt number are investigated.
doi:10.18280/mmep.070203 fatcat:p2hjhrwe2zai7jud3shn6n2pka