Analysis And Evaluation Of Barriers To The Market Of The Developing Countries

A. J. Toshboev
2021 unpublished
The purpose of this article is to study the existing barriers to the development of tourism in Uzbekistan. The subject of our research is the industry barriers for companies to enter to the new markets in the tourism sector of Uzbekistan. As the main source of information, data from a survey involving 50 travel companies were used. The analysis of the macro-environment and micro-environment allows organizations to create a list of dangers and opportunities that they face in this environment.
more » ... assessment of the importance of industry barriers to entry for enterprises in the tourism sector of Uzbekistan showed that the most sensitive to the presence of entry barriers are small firms, as well as newcomers to the industry under study. In the process of studying the problem, it was found that behavioural barriers are the most effective tools for deterring entry to the tourism market. Based on the results of the conducted research, we can say that the main importance for the tourism sector is the characteristics of the reaction of economic agents to each other's actions, and not so much the structural and technological characteristics of the industry. It is concluded that the effective institutional ways of entering the market can be called franchising and direct investment.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2021.09.02.95 fatcat:5fxatknf3bddhjhwagtt6p7lay