Impact Of Organizational Climate On Performance Of College Teachers In Punjab

Syed Ahmad Raza
2010 Journal of College Teaching & Learning (TLC)  
The study aimed to determine the impact of organizational climate on performance of college teachers. The researcher selected the area of college education as the focus of the study. The study was delimited to all the public sector degree colleges of Punjab. Population of this study consisted of all the principals and teachers working in public sector degree colleges of Punjab and the simple random sampling technique sample was used. The sample consisted of 70 degree colleges, their heads, and
more » ... , their heads, and five teachers from each sampled college. In order to measure the variables, the research instruments were the questionnaires for principals and teachers. Each questionnaire consisted of 30 items. The data collected from sampled colleges were tabulated, analyzed and interpreted in light of the objectives of the study by applying statistical tools of research, such as mean, standard deviation, standard error of means, and coefficient of correlation. On the basis of analysis, it was concluded that the majority of public college principals opined that open climate was very highly and positively correlated to teacher performance, but paternal and closed climates were negatively correlated to teacher performance. In light of the conclusions, it is recommended that teachers may be given chances to discuss their academic problems in groups, seminars, and conferences. Workshops may be arranged more for this purpose. The management style of principals may be improved through in-service training, seminars, workshops and departmental meetings and supervision. Performance of teachers can be increased by promoting open, as well as controlled, climates and avoiding closed climate. These climates may be ensured through administrative policy and measures.
doi:10.19030/tlc.v7i10.155 fatcat:feph2hl7bzcn5o7qmsjogoejy4