1901 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
Street, Strnd, W:.C. London;-those concermng business matters, advertisembnls, non. delivery of the JOURNAL, etc., shulld be addressed to the Managr, at the Office, 41, ORIGINAL ARTICLES and LETTERS fomaeerded for pubfieattos are undrstccd to be QO-red to the BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL atone, unles# the cestrart be stated. AUTHoRS desiring reprints of their articles-published in the BRITISH MEDICAL JUTurAL arm requested co coinmunicate with the Manager. 429. Strand, W.C. on receipt of proof.
more » ... ipt of proof. CORRESrPONDENTS who wish notice to be taken ot their communications should authenticate them with their names-of course not necessarily for publication. CORRESPONDENTs not answered are requested to look at the Notices to Oorrespondents of the following week. MANUSCRIPTS FORWARDED TO THEI OPFIC 0OP THIS JOUkNAL CANNOT UNDER AIM OORUXSTANCES BE RETURNED. lN order to avoid delay, it is particularly requested that AlL letters on the editorialbus. em of the JOURNAL be adressed to the Editer at.the Office of the JOURNAL, and not at his private house. TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESs.-The telegraphic address of the EDI1TOI of the BRTISH )LDIcAL JOURNAL is Aitiology, London. The telegraphic address of the ANAGIE of the BRITIsH3 MEDICAL JOURNAL is Articu ate. LoinId Queres, anosie,-, and conmmnosicatiow rekting to ssets to whia speciG d6Parlts of the BRITISH MEDICAL JO3RAL are devoted tu# be headings.
doi:10.1136/bmj.2.2139.1888 fatcat:l6shvelmifbl3og7gjmc6l72me