1894 Science  
1SY PAKT OP' 'I'I-iF: 'it'01tI.13, $ 3 . 9~A YE.1R. 'I'o any contributor, on reque!:t in ndvancc, occ h~n~drerl copies of the issue con-1:iinin.q his article wiil I)c sent without cillir~c. ;l[orc copies will bc sopplirrl ;it abollt ~:ost$ i~?so i l ordered in advancc. JZeprints are not suppli~d, as for obvioiis sc:isoiis wc desire to circulate as many copics of Scrrinpnnics the ~rmniiscript. \%'hataver is intended for insertion iuust be aotllcnticiztecl by the na!!lc and address of the writer;
more » ... ress of the writer; not necessarily fc~r pnblicatioi~, bot as a artaranty nf good faith. We do not itold ourselves responsibie for nny view or opinions expressed in tht: co~nrnnnicationvof our corrcs pondents. Attention is called to the " f h~i t s " colualn. It is inva1uai.k to thosc who usz it in sr11icitin.q information or seeking new positions. The name and address of applicants s!io!~tct be given in full, so that answt:rs irlay go directly to thein. Tile " Exchnnyc" column is likewise open.
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