Rectus sheath haematoma (RSH)

Miroslav Knezevic, Ljubomir Djurasic
2014 Acta chirurgica iugoslavica  
In tro duc tion: Spon ta ne ous RSH is very rare and small se ries have been dem on strated in lit er a ture. Proper and timely di ag no sis of a hematoma within straight ab dom i nal mus cle sig nif i cantly influ ences the way of treat ment and the ap pli ca tion of ap pro pri ate pro to col for spe cific stage of illness. Case re port: A 62-year old pa tient presented him self at hos pi tal be cause of pains under RRC, with un clear clin i cal fea tures, and only af ter re peated ra dio log
more » ... peated ra dio log i cal di ag nos tic pro ce dures we be gan the treat ment with the pro to col for iden tified stage of ill ness which took us to com plete recov ery and the pa tient got back to his ev ery day activ i ties. Con clu sion: Even though rare, RSH im i tates acute ab do men there fore proper di ag no sis con trib utes to proper treat ment. Treat ment can be con ser va tive, in va sive and sur gi cal.
doi:10.2298/aci1403087k fatcat:ykhycsjipzb4pnbepjvo4e3tfm