Coupled-mode theory and propagation losses in photonic crystal waveguides

Segolene Olivier, H. Benisty, C. Weisbuch, C. Smith, T. Krauss, R. Houdre
2003 Optics Express  
Mode coupling phenomena, manifested by transmission "ministopbands", occur in two-dimensional photonic crystal channel waveguides. The huge difference in the group velocities of the coupled modes is a new feature with respect to the classical Bragg reflection occurring, e.g., in distributed feedback lasers. We show that an adequate ansatz of the classical coupled-mode theory remarkably well accounts for this new phenomenon. The fit of experimental transmission data from GaAs-based photonic
more » ... based photonic crystal waveguides then leads to an accurate determination of the propagation losses of both fundamental and higher, low-group-velocity modes. hope it could prompt three-dimensional full-vectorial simulations that would precisely establish the validity domain of the dissipative air holes.
doi:10.1364/oe.11.001490 pmid:19466021 fatcat:nbt5d2uj4rhjpgthjsdkycb77e