Epidemiological Situation on Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever in the Russian Federation in 2019 and Forecast for 2020

A. S. Volynkina, E. S. Kotenev, O. V. Maletskaya, O. N. Skudareva, L. I. Shaposhnikova, A. V. Kolosov, Yu. M. Tokhov, N. F. Vasilenko, E. A. Manin, D. A. Prislegina, E. V. Yatsmenko, A. N. Kulichenko
2020 Problems of Particularly Dangerous Infections  
The review presents an analysis of epidemic and epizootic situation of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever in the Russian Federation in 2010–2019, summarizes the results of epizootiological monitoring of the CCHF natural focus territory in the south of European part of Russia. An unfavorable epidemiological situation regarding CCHF is maintained in the Russian Federation. In 2010–2019, 999 CCHF cases were registered in nine regions of Southern and North-Caucasian Federal Districts. In 2019, an
more » ... s. In 2019, an increase in the CCHF incidence level in the entities of the SFD and NCFD was observed as compared to 2017–2018. The expansion of the territory with registered epidemic manifestations of CCHF continues. In 2010–2019, the number of imago and pre-imaginal phases of Hyalomma marginatum – the main vector of the CCHF virus in Russia, remained consistently high. High numbers of H. marginatum ticks and their CCHFV infection rates can contribute to the development of an unfavorable epidemiological situation in the south of the Russian Federation with a possible increase in the CCHF incidence in 2020.
doi:10.21055/0370-1069-2020-1-14-20 fatcat:j2aweaa6tbg5fm42v3k6elnjnm