Design and Realization of a Checking and Management System of Hidden Dangers in Underground Geotechnical Engineering Fang Li-fen State Key Laboratory Breeding Base for Mining Disaster Prevention and Control

Xing-Dong Li, An-Bang Li
The research status of checking and management of hidden dangers in underground geotechnical engineering has been analyzed, and deficiencies of existing research are obvious, so it is necessary to design and realize a checking and management system of hidden dangers, which includes methods and technical equipment. The system provided in this article has both hardware system and software operation system, and its realization mode is completed. Based on the analysis of hidden dangers attributes,
more » ... he standardized processing procedure and method of hidden dangers are designed, and it contains the establishment method of standardized database of hidden danger information. In particular, information collector is integrated into the information collection and processing procedure of hidden dangers, and its function and operation process are designed. This system combines standardized management of hidden dangers and network management, and it has five functional modules: emergency plan management, hidden danger management, safety report, hidden danger information release, and statistical analysis. What's more, the collection, storage, transmission and handling process of hidden dangers are comprehensive, accurate, and timely; the assessment analysis and report ability are excellent.