Recent advances in time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy at MAX IV and PETRA III storage rings

S. I. Omelkov, K. Chernenko, J. C. Ekström, A. Jurgilaitis, A. Khadiev, A. Kivimäki, A. Kotlov, D. Kroon, Jörgen Larsson, V. Nagirnyi, D. V. Novikov, V-T Pham (+7 others)
2022 Journal of physics / Conference Series 2380(1)  
Short-wavelength synchrotron radiation excitation has been an indispensable tool in the studies of the properties of wide gap materials using time-resolved low-temperature luminescence spectroscopy. In recent years, several setups for such investigations have been launched at MAX IV Laboratory and Photon Science at DESY. Two permanently stationed time-resolved luminescence setups at FinEstBeAMS and P66 beamlines are in operation at MAX IV 1.5 GeV and Petra III storage rings, respectively.
more » ... luminescence setups have been developed for studies at FemtoMAX and P23 beamlines. FinEstBeAMS, P66 and P23 provide time resolution from ∼160 to 100 ps. The FemtoMAX photon source based on an in-vacuum undulator getting an electron beam from the 3 GeV linear accelerator provides an exceptional time resolution of ∼30 ps, limited by time response of the photodetector. The performance of the setups, achieved milestones and research challenges are discussed for four new luminescence stations available for the research community with the main focus on time-resolved techniques.
doi:10.3204/pubdb-2023-00146 fatcat:fhxygwh6fbh4bn624uzjzvbaly