Analysis and Simulations of Dynamic Models of Hepatitis B Virus

Xisong Dong, Cong Wang, Gang Xiong
2010 Journal of Mathematics Research  
A mathematical model consisting of two systems of Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is set up based on the model of virus dynamics and experimental observation of anti-viral drug therapy for HBV infection patients provided by Nowak. A mathematical analysis of dynamic behaviors shows that the model has two kinds of equilibrium points, which represent the patients' complete recovery and HBV persistent infection at the end of the treatment with drug lamivudine, respectively. Our model may provide
more » ... model may provide possible quantitative interpretations for the long-time treatments of chronic HBV infections with the drug lamivudine according to different model parameters, in particularly it may explain why the plasma virus of Nowak et al's patients turnover the original level after stopping the lamivudine treatment. data are needed for modeling dynamics of HBV infection. It seems that new treatment approaches are expected to treat patients. The quantitative understanding of HBV dynamics will make it possible to devise optimal treatment strategies for individual patients. Further research for HBV dynamics is promising.
doi:10.5539/jmr.v2n4p12 fatcat:c3amh5kyljfvtngabloiq4czsu