Improved Fusion based Breast Ultrasound Image Segmentation technique

Jasmeen Kaur, Kamaljit Kaur
Image segmentation plays vital role in the biomedical imaging .Image segmentation is the process of dividing image into segmentation to extract the information. Breast Cancer is most common form of cancer found in women. The main cause of the disease is still known, only way to cure the disease is the detection of this disease in early stages. Image segmentation is considered as the one of the efficient method of detection of the disease. Traditionally various image segmentation techniques have
more » ... been proposed for the cancer detection. The existing system has some problems faced that as in the final stage the optimization based approach is used to get segmented image there will be some chances to get degraded results because of some disadvantages that are noticed in case of optimization algorithm . In this approach a new method is proposed for the detection of cancer. In this frequency as well as spatial domain segmentation is applied on shows the proposed method is more accurate and efficient than the traditional method. the image. As by applying the image segmentation is used for dividing the image, to obtain the image again the image fusion is applied. For fusing the image PCA technique of image fusion is used. So by applying this technique the quality of the image is not degraded. From the results obtained it is concluded that this proposed algorithm is better than the traditional used algorithm. A comparison is performed that shows the proposed method is more accurate and efficient than the traditional method.
doi:10.18535/ijetst/v3i07.20 fatcat:bbsymlfcmrai5dk45gc5jrpibu