Douglas Symmers
1918 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
Journal of Syphilis, Dr. A. S. Warthin of the University of Michigan contributes an extraordinary paper on the "New Pathology of Syphilis," in which he states that, as a result of microscopic methods, he has been able to demonstrate syphilitic changes in 40 per cent, of 750 subjects examined postmortem. Assuming that the population of the state of Michigan is neither more nor less venereally unfortunate than that of other localities, Dr. Warthin's statement naturally suggests that 40 per cent.
more » ... that 40 per cent. of humanity is demonstrably if not dangerously syphilized. Happily for the individual as well as for a profession that is already sufficiently if not unduly impressed by the ubiquity of syphilis, the methods by which Dr. Warthin arrived at this remarkable and disquieting conclusion are not beyond dispute, identical methods in other hands having failed to yield comparable results. For example, Dr. Warthin, on the basis of a comparatively limited necropsy experience, makes the extraordinary statement that in "only a small number of cases are the gross lesions . . .
doi:10.1001/jama.1918.02600330090024 fatcat:jkjciz7bgfeypkbjx5f6fin2ti