A Contrastive Study on the Change of Rural Houses of the Han Chinese and Korean-Chinese in Yanbian Area of China
중국연변지역 조선족과 한족 농촌주택의 변화에 관한 비교연구

Seong-Geol Heo, Won-Seok Cho
2016 Journal of the Korean Institute of Rural Architecture  
This study is aimed to suggesting a hypothesis about the process of improvement of houses of the Korean-Chinese, comparing how Han Chinese and Korean-Chinese houses changed in Yanbian Area of China. This draws the conclusion by analyzing the field survey about residence of the Han Chinese and the Korean-Chinese in Yanbian Area of China. First of all, the characteristic of residence style change and the plan of rural houses of the Han Chinese are in the following. The plan of houses has been
more » ... houses has been changed from allocating rooms from side to side with the kitchen as the center to linking each functional spaces through the aisle. And the main bedroom of houses becomes the central space for family members instead of Kang (partial Ondol) by expanding the floor heating system under the whole floor in houses. Next, the feature of residence style changes of the Han Chinese and the Korean-Chinese is as follows. In 1970s barns disappeared from houses of the Korean Chinese, but houses of the Han Chinese were not much changed. From 1980s to 1990s, spaces linking each rooms with aisles had appeared for comfortableness of residence and respecting each individual's privacy. On the other hand, The houses of the Korean-Chinese make a whole big space by getting rid of walls between the rooms. And after 2 thousand years later, Han Chinese houses have a bedroom with floor heating system. Both houses of the Korean-Chinese and the Han Chinese are changed to have a residence style which taking sedentary style and standing style.
doi:10.14577/kirua.2016.18.2.29 fatcat:igglocuffvgshhsef4f5ose3x4