Effect of sham feeding on postoperative ileus [post]

Ilker Ozgur, Bora Karip, Metin Keskin, Ahmet Yalin Iscan, Emre Balik
2020 unpublished
Background: To evaluate the effects of different sham feeding methods on postoperative ileus after low anterior resection and diverting ileostomy for rectal cancer.Methods: 72 patients who underwent low anterior resection with a diverting ileostomy were randomized into 4 groups as: control (n = 16), ice cream (n = 18), gum (n = 17) and nicotine gum (n = 17). Four patients were excluded due to a lack of data. Patients' demographics, constipation scores, neoadjuvant treatment, amount of
more » ... ive bleeding, fluid administration, drain placement, time of intestinal movement, ileostomy discharge, and return of appetite were compared.Results: Patients' demographics, constipation scores, neoadjuvant treatment existence, amount of perioperative bleeding, fluid administration, drain placement were similar between groups (p > 0,05). The first sense of intestinal movement was shorter in the nicotine group than control and gum groups (p=0,004 and 0,046, respectively). The average time to first ileostomy discharge and first appetite was shortest in the nicotine gum group. Diverting ileostomy discharge time was significantly shorter in the nicotine gum group than the control group (p=0,011). Return of appetite time was shorter in the nicotine gum group when compared to the gum group (p=0.036).Conclusions: Nicotine gum chewing is an effective method to resolve postoperative ileus after rectal surgery. Other methods such as ice-cream feeding and gum chewing showed no benefit compared to control.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-41627/v1 fatcat:tp6hvmstyfe3vixeu6oaxt3haq