Reuse of Ceramic Demolition Waste in the Reconstruction of Planked Timber Floor Slabs

P. Rubio de Hita, F. Pérez Gálvez, M.J. Morales Conde, C. Rodríguez Liñán
2017 Open Construction & Building Technology Journal  
The aim of this work, mainly an experimental study, is to develop a new infill piece by reusing ceramic waste from demolition works. The piece is intended for use in floors as part of the rehabilitation of a type of building in which such materials were originally used, and forms part of the repair process of infill slabs characteristic of domestic architecture. It also enables the reuse of existing wooden beams that still retain their strength capacity. Various test models to reproduce the
more » ... etry and structural characteristics of these slabs were developed, and experiments with the proportions of mortar and geometries were performed to achieve the required strength capacity for their use on site. As a result, an infill piece was produced with a strength capacity of up to 457 kgf, which exceeds the values required for prefabricated concrete slabs according to current regulations. Finally, it should be noted that this new piece contributes to the conservation of the original vertical supporting structure based on masonry walls, while the horizontal structure is rendered lighter thanks to these new slabs. Wall and Ňoor Ɵles ; 39% Bri cks and roof Ɵles ; 26,25% Refractory ma terials;11,97% Technical ceramics; 7,72% Cer. Ma t. for domesƟc and ornamental use ; 7,72% Sa nitaryware ; 7,34% Wa l l and Ňoor Ɵles; 56,43% Bricks and roof Ɵles; 22,33% Refractory ma terials; 6,57% Technical ceramics; 1,22% Cer. Ma t. for domesƟc and ornamental use ; 4,23% Sa nitaryware ; 9,22% Wall an ; 1,22%
doi:10.2174/1874836801711010124 fatcat:nwcz62exp5hclawhufq56e7atq