A direct numerical simulation-based investigation and modeling of pressure Hessian effects on compressible velocity gradient dynamics

Mohammad Danish, Sawan Suman, Balaji Srinivasan
2014 Physics of Fluids  
The dynamics of open balloons in an atmosphere may be studied with a body-fluid coupled model. A numerical approach is required to solve the corresponding equation set. Solutions under different conditions are obtained here for the vertical and one horizontal direction. Relevant dynamical features during ascent, flotation, and descent depend on balloon thermodynamics, wind, air small-scale turbulence, and perturbations to the background atmosphere. After analysis of the results it is found that
more » ... ts it is found that approximate analytical solutions may be found in certain cases. The effect of nonlinear drag on balloon oscillation period and damping near flotation is evaluated.
doi:10.1063/1.4904869 fatcat:pejf6zazhrcjtag7lxk2kb36v4