Chemical, Physical, and Hydraulic Properties as Affected by One Year of Miscanthus Biochar Interaction with Sandy and Loamy Tropical Soils

Sara de Jesus Duarte, Bruno Glaser, Renato Paiva de Lima, Carlos Pelegrino Cerri
2019 Soil Systems  
Biochar application has improved soil properties contributing to crop growth. This study evaluates the effect of biochar amount on soil physical, chemical and hydraulic properties in sandy (SD) and clay loam (CL) soils under tropical conditions. An incubation experiment was installed under laboratory conditions with eight treatments (control, two kinds of soils, SD and CL, and three biochar doses (6.25, 12.5, and 25 Mg ha−1). Analyses of soil water retention, bulk density (BD), total porosity
more » ... ), total porosity (TP), pores size, total carbon (TC), and N were performed after one year. The BD slightly decreased by 0.035 and 0.062 Mg m−3 and TP increased by 1.87 and 2.31% in CL and SD soil respectively, upon 6.25 to 25 Mg ha−1 biochar application. TC increased in CL and SD by 6.5 and 4.2 kg kg−1, respectively, compared to control. The total nitrogen content increased upon biochar addition in CL soil than in SD soil. We found a positive effect of biochar on water availability, microporosity, and a small effect on water retention, especially for CL soil at high biochar application, but this influence did not occur for SD, possibly due to the short time of interaction.
doi:10.3390/soilsystems3020024 fatcat:ui5z3f3evva5tmavjgft7roju4