Need Assessment and Performance Analysis on Innovative, Adaptive, and Responsive Curriculum Development Geared to Life Skills

N Umamah, Marjono, Sumardi, R Ma'rifatullah
2020 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environment  
Need assessment and performance analysis are important components in identifying the actual issues within learning program. Need assessment is the first step upon instructional design. The research samples under investigation were 14 History teachers and 168 students from 5 public schools in Jember regencyregency. Data collection techniques operative were observation, questionnaire, and interview. The results of needs assessment conducted to teachers and students, which delved into resources
more » ... d into resources component, revealed that (1) 72% of the learning resources used were textbooks and 28% worksheets, (2) 100% of students confirmed the importance of Indonesian National History, (3) 90% of the subjects operationalized LCD, laptop/computer, power point and 10% video (4) both teachers and students claimed that there were no social studies laboratory, (5) learning process included 80% cooperative learning and 20% independent learning, (6) most teachers and students employed globe and maps as teaching aid, (7) the level of pedagogical knowledge was high, (8) teachers' skill level was also considered high, and (9) students learning motivation were at 3,5086 which was categorized as moderate. The performance analysis upon teachers informed that: (1) most schools curricula used the revised edition of the 2013 Curriculum, (2) 100% of the learning objectives were encapsulated in the new main competency, (3) 60% of the development material relied on textbooks and 40% worksheet, (4) 60% teachers engaged a wide variety of methods, namely question and answer, discussion, and 40% of the deployed discovery learning with scientific approach, (5) 80% of the learning media used were power point and 20% video, (6) 80% of learning resources used were textbooks and 20% student worksheets, and (7) 100% assessments used were written tests, multiple choices, and essay tests. This study lays the cornerstone to curriculum development which is beneficial towards History education.
doi:10.1088/1755-1315/485/1/012084 fatcat:dybcicrt6bgfxl4qsomhwt5lqy