Abstract QS9

Meghan McCullough, Steven Ly, Alex Campbell, Caroline Yao, Mark Urata, Stefan Scherer, William P. Magee
2019 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Global Open  
plan and perform dissection. Plastic surgery used VSP to select tissue expanders and design templates for incisions and osteotomies. 3D printed models offered intraoperative reference to safely separate the brain and its vasculature. 3D printed jigs and guides were fit on the calvarium to guide osteotomies for cranial vault reconstruction, and onto the scalp to guide soft tissue reconstruction. CONCLUSIONS: Successful separation of total craniopagus twins relies on meticulous pre-operative
more » ... ing and execution. 3D technology offers anatomic reference and surgical guidance in the multistage separation of total craniopagus twins. Separating the brain and its vasculature followed by calvarial reconstruction was improved with 3D technology.
doi:10.1097/01.gox.0000558429.83457.cc fatcat:rj4trclvnrecvi7cxaghpotnni