In vitro Bioactivity, Bio-Corrosion Resistance and Antibacterial Property of Laser Cladded HA Coatings with Different Content of ZnO on Ti-6Al-4V Substrate

Baoping Hou, Yangyang Liu, Huibin Chen, Yuling Yang
2019 Materials Research  
HA/ZnO coatings with varying content of ZnO were fabricated on Ti-6Al-4V substrate to enhance its bioactivity and antibacterial ability. The main phases are identified as CaTiO 3 , Ca 3 (PO 4 ) 2 , ZnTiO 3 and CaO. The coatings with higher ZnO content presented smaller grain size, resulting in a higher surface free energy and better wettability. Consequently, the mineralization of the ZnO/HA coatings, especially for the higher ZnO content samples were improved, indicating better enhanced in
more » ... ter enhanced in vitro bioactivity. The ZnO-HA coated Ti-6Al-4V presented better corrosion resistance than bare Ti-6Al-4V substrate. Furthermore, better corrosion resistance was obtained by increasing ZnO content in the precursor. The antimicrobial ratio of all coatings was approximately 100%, indicating the ZnO doped HA coatings presented excellent antibacterial ability.
doi:10.1590/1980-5373-mr-2018-0744 fatcat:ym7v6x3akfh6thgwor6hk7kdty