Gene Expression Profiling of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Mee Sook Roh, Hyuk Chan Kwon, Jin Sook Jeong, Dae Cheol Kim, Choon Hee Son, Soo Keol Lee, Phil Jo Choi, Jae Ik Lee, Ki Nam Lee, Hyo Jin Kim, Jin Han Yoon, Tae Ho Hwang
2003 Cancer research and treatment : official journal of Korean Cancer Association  
Purpose: cD N A m icroarray provided a pow erful alternative, w ith an unprecedented view scope, in m onitoring gene expression levels, and led to the discovery of regulatory pathw ays involved in com plicated biological processes. This study w as perform ed to g ain better understanding of the m olecular m echanism s underlying the carcinogenesis and progression of lung cancer. Materials and Methods: U sing a cD N A m icroarray, representing 4,600 cDNA clusters, we studied the expression
more » ... he expression profiles in 10 non-sm all cell lung cancer (N SC LC ) sam ples and the adjacent noncancerous lung tissues form the sam e patients. The alterations in the levels of gene expression w ere confirm ed by reverse-transcription P C R in 10 random ly selected genes. Results: Genes that were differently expressed in the cancerous and noncancerous tissues w ere identified. One hundred and nine genes (of which 68 were known) and 69 cDNAs (of w hich 32 w ere know n) w ere up-and down-regulated in 70% of the NSCLC sam ples, respectively. In the cancerous tissues, the genes related to the cell cycle, m etabolism , cell structure and sig nal transduction, w ere m ostly up-regulated. Furtherm ore, w e identified a few putative tum or suppressor g enes that had previously been proposed by other w orkers. Conclusions: These results provide, not only a new m olecular basis for understanding the biological properties of N S C LC , but also useful resources for the future developm ent of diagnostic m arkers and therapeutic targets for NSCLC. (Cancer Research and Treatm ent 2003;35:154-160) ꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏ Key Words: cDNA m icroarray, G ene expression, Nonsm all cell lung cancer
doi:10.4143/crt.2003.35.2.154 pmid:26680930 fatcat:t336bvjsgfaqlk4wbjpfutwfwq