A System Providing Appropriate Alternative Candidates for Japanese Writing Using Word Co-occurrence

2011 Educational technology research  
Some of the unnatura] co-occurrence expressions consisting of a noun n, a case particle c, and a verb v (. We assume that averb ofunnatural co-occurrence (an error verb) tends to have an occurring environment similar to an appropriate verb (a possible correction of thc error verb). Based on this hypothesis, the method produces candidates for appropriate alternative verbs that are estimated to comprise natural co-occurre"ces with the portion of ]earners' co-eccurrenee input using statistical
more » ... ing statistical information fro[n a large-scale Japanese corpus in descending order of occurring environmcnt simi]arity with the original verb.
doi:10.15077/etr.kj00007561999 fatcat:bga744pch5cqbdsjkjagnjtgke