The Formation of the Association of Southeast Asia : An Analysis of a Political Process in the Initiation of Regional Cooperation

Susumu Yamakage
1980 Tonan ajia kenkyu  
Asia ) in l961 . This paper analyzes the logic of its formation as a process ofconsensus − building . Due to the lack ofinterest in ASA , thcrc is little litcrature on its formation . Therefc)rc , the first half of the paper prescnts a chrono 上 ogical survcy Qf thc ibrmation prucess since 1958 . Threc -cc − tions deal with the { breign I )ohcy and general 乱 ttitudes toward regional cooperation ef the three ASA countrics . Four sections covcl the develop − ment ofajoint endeavor to creatc an
more » ... or to creatc an organization , One sect 量 oll d 量 scu9 . ・ ses the responscs ot ' other South − east Asian c vntries , among which ヒ hat of South Victnam is of particular intcrest . The second halfprese : 1ts an anatysis of the 工 ogic of thc formation ofASA , Thc first three sections arc the pr ( rlinlinary dcvclopment of a typology of thc proposalg , madc in thc course of negotiations leading to the fbrlnation of ASA . PrQposals are typologizcd 孟 n tcrms of thc following three 負mda − nlcntal standpoints : ( 1 ) the obj { :ctive or the range of cooperation ; ( 2 ) the dQrn乱 in Qfm 【 ラ mber − statcs ; and ( 3)lcgal and institutional foundation . Based on the typology , the logic of consensus − building is aIla 【 yzcd through apPlication of " the principlc of minimal commitmerlts " in the fburth l cction . This principle, originally hypothcsized in this papcr , argues that cach itcm of thc con − sensus corresponds to the weakest comrllkment by negQ 【 iatQrs . Although it appears contJ ' ary to colll − mon sense , it seems to work in Southeast Asia . Thc 且nal Lwo scctions deah ヤ ith other imPortan 乢 三 ssucs in thc fermation process of ASA in relation to the apPlicability of the abovementioned
doi:10.20495/tak.18.1_3 fatcat:6xj6yzxzinf4xjeam7q22c7rge