On the estimation of zinc in spring waters

E. Hylius
1879 The Analyst  
WHEN Einc must be estimated in potable waters, several litres should be evaporated in order to get weighable quantities of e i m To save the trouble of evaporating the author uses the following method, with great succesB, in the absence of iron :-2.6 grams of potassium ferrocyanide are dissolved in water, and then made up to 100 C.C. ; 3.536 of zinc sulphate are dissolved in water, and made up to one litre. 1 c.c+ of this solution, therefore, contains a 0 1 of aim oxide. TWO glass cylinders, of
more » ... glass cylinders, of about an inch and a half diameter, are filled, one with 2OOc.c. of the filtered aample, the other * Correspondenz-blatt des Vereinea, Analgtischer Chemiker, Jabzg. 2, No. 3.
doi:10.1039/an879040051b fatcat:4d6qdjfvmvemvix4qo7sg6f76e